Pursue the Heart of God! Transform Your Life!

Through pursuing God's heart you will transform your life! In fact, pursuing God's heart is a first step to real life transformation.

When You Read This Devotional

You will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the love God has for you.
  • consider what it means to pursue the heart of God.
  • discover the three levels to pursuing God's heart.
  • identify barriers to pursuing God's heart.
  • receive a proven strategy on how to pursue God's heart.
  • see the connection between pursuing God's heart and fulfilling your purpose.
  • strengthen your relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

Why I Wrote This Book

I wrote this devotional because throughout the years God the Father has been calling for His children to build and maintain a relationship with Him. Now more than ever those who believe they are joint heirs with Jesus must be like Jesus and do the will of God the Father.Those who confess to be believers in the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob (God the Father) and who confess that Jesus is their Lord and Savior should be intentional in pursuing the heart of God the Father just like Jesus. Afterall, doing God's will is a priority to Jesus and should be a priority to all children of God.There are many who believe that God is a triune God- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, but they have not taken time to pursue the triune God. Through this devotional, children of God have been given access to a blueprint to get to know the triune God more fully.

Few Talk About Pursuing God's Heart

God is always concerned about the condition of His children's hearts, but not all of God's children are talking about pursuing the heart of God. When you pursue God's heart, you will begin to:

  • pray God's heart!
  • transform your life!
  • be ready for the revival and great awakening soon to come!

Transform Your Life!

About the Author

Dr. Jen’nea Sumo is a wife, mother, author, speaker, teacher, and Kingdom creative who strives to point people to Christ and connect believers to the heart of God. Dr. Sumo endeavors to do her part to advance God's Kingdom agenda.

“For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed” (Romans 8:19).

Through the arts, entertainment, and media, she works to encourage and equip God's children (individuals and families) to complete their God given Kingdom assignments in the Earth.


Honestly, I could not get through this 21 day devotional in 21 days. As I read, journaled, and spent time in prayer, I wanted to get all I could get from each section. I highly recommend this devotional.Nicole P.

Nicole P.

I really do love God, but I know I do not read my Bible or pray like I should. This devotional is helping me be more intentional about pursuing the heart of God.Rachel S.

Rachel S.

Pursue God's Heart

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